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Meyer Möbelmanufaktur

The Meyer Möbel Manufaktur

Welcome to Meyer Möbel Manufaktur in Germany! We craft custom-made furniture tailored to your individual preferences. We specialize in private living furniture, furniture for kindergartens, practice facilities, and shopfitting. Plan your dream with us!

Ines Weiß – CEO Meyer Möbelmanufaktur GmbH

Our sustainable philosophy

"In a world of mass production, it is our duty to make a difference through sustainable manufacturing."

Ines Weiß – CEO

WooD materials

At our company, we merge craftsmanship with sustainability by producing high-quality wooden products using environmentally friendly materials from Beyond.

 Discover timeless beauty that harmonizes with nature, and let yourself be inspired by our passion for wood and design.

Our paints/lacquers

Our joinery focuses on sustainable furniture design with environmentally friendly paints and lacquers. Our finishes are safe for both people and the environment, a conscious choice for timeless beauty in harmony with nature.

Our electricity for production

In our joinery, we not only rely on environmentally friendly materials but also on sustainable energy. We use green electricity sourced from sustainable production in Europe. This ensures that your custom-made furniture piece is not only unique but also environmentally friendly – promoting sustainable living.

The Meyer Möbel Manufaktur

Heino Meyer, the founder of our joinery in 1989, has been a driving force for innovation and quality. Since the inception of our company, he has consistently pursued and invested in the latest technologies with the clear goal of staying at the forefront of the industry. His passionate dedication to advanced craftsmanship continues to be reflected in every piece of furniture we craft today.

Heino Meyer

The Founder

Impressions of the Manufactory